Disappointments (10/x)

I am still in quarantine and currently waiting for the final call to return to the office. I still have no idea which way is better to reach the office in this situation. I used to go by train though it seems pretty dangerous if I kept going with it. It usually took about 1.5 hours by train and online motorbike and it’s about 2 hours if my husband drive the motorbike. It is quite inconvenient to go with the car because of the traffic jam. Sadly, I can do both driving things. I hope, we can go through this pandemic as sooon as possible.

I just decided to ask for refund of my second purchase of Pela couple days ago. So sad because I do love the phone case and the idea or nature safety. But I do not receive the package for months, almost 3 months. Pela team told me that it was possibly lost on delivery and not moved from the US shipment. The thing is I am not sure how could the team do not have any news on its delivery, if I do not inform them? Shouldn’t they have another check rather to just receive the info from me the customer? Or maybe they can inform me beforehand? I mean they do need to have the other delivery control. I can’t imagine hoe much lost they will have if there are many me. I did suggest this to them.

Well, thats about it. May we can face June much much better that the all previous months. Stay safe everyone!

Love🤍, Sarah.

I made a pouch, because I learn how to crochet! (9/x)

I feel so wonderful that this weekend, a long holiday here, 1 June is a Pancasila Day in Indonesia.

I made my first pouch with my own hand, from scratch! This is my second attempt learning how to crochet. Yes yes!! I made it for my charger, and it is awesome!!!! I am so happy and this is one of the best day in my life. I, again proof to myself that, “you never know if you don’t try”, “if there is a will there is a way” and “practice make perfect”.

Inside look

So, it is a pink pouch I made for my smartphone charger, I think the headset can also be put inside it. I made this in a day but I was not only doing this. I got use to hold the hook and the yarn. I beyond happy. I will do another project, for my laptop sleeve soon 😎.

Love🤍, Sarah.

I am learning how to crochet!!! (8/x)

I finally give it another try. I am learning how to crochet and it is FUN. I am done with movie or kdrama marathon, playing game just a couple time (I don’t do it daily LOL), but I do read mangatoon, webtoon, or news! I bought crochet equipment when I was still single maybe around 2016-2017. But, I did not finish or accomplish what I do today. Look! I am so amazed I can do this. I need to practice more. 🤩🤩🤩🥰

My very first single and double crochet 🤪

Love🤍, Sarah.

Radical Candor by Kim Scott

Another series of when in quarantine. I finally completed this book. I bought this book when I was completely in madness and too exhausted about myself back then at end of October 2019. I read half of this book last year during my way to and off the office on the train. I stopped and just continue read and completed it this morning. Besides writing, reading is kind of my therapy. It helps me clear much my doubt or anxiety.

This book is best for you who wanna learn more about leadership. Some tips may not work in the culture you are working in, but it indeed helps you found out what you should do. Being honest about who and how you are and be careful about it. I cannot say much, but this book is awesome and worth to read. I give it a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ because it does that impactful for my being.

Radical Candor by Kim Scott

I Upgraded My Phone and started to use a Compostable Case (6/x)

Another in Quarantine Post.

Earlier this year I decided myself to upgrade my smartphone (iPhone 6s) into the newest iPhone (11 Pro). I have told you my issue on my new iPhone yesterday, you can also check out on that if you are whether to decide to buy the 11 Pro. So, I join a bank program instead of buying the phone directly considering that I only need to commit on saving for several years and I got this phone as a reward which is the amount of money to buy the phone stay in my saving. It is a term saving with very low rate. I do not think I can accept the rate though so I am fine with the scheme. Actually, to start the program I need to have such a down payment which was about the price of the phone I wanted. The pinalty apply only if I broke the commitment to regularly saving some sort of amount for several years depend on my decision on the plan the Bank has.

Long story short, I chose to use a compostable case to keep my phone okay. I bought a Pela Case which I use now and currently waiting for my second order but I have gotten no news for it to delivere to me because we are in quarantine and the package is addressed to my office. So my current case is MExWE black case, very lovely because it’s cute, simple but significant. A little bulky but I am good with it because it’s feel a like rubber. Actually, this case was refunded because I didn’t receive any news of the package after waiting for another additional 2 weeks from the range date that it was supposed to be delivered. But, my luck, I still got the case. I did inform Pela about this and offer if I should transfer the money to them but they just gave me this. After I refunded the case I tried to order another ones with the Ethos which I have not received it until today. Hope I can still receive it very soon. Lol

Love🤍, Sarah [4May2020]

3 months of use the iPhone 11 Pro

Just terrified that my iPhone 11 Pro battery performance decreased very fast, I think 3 months of full use can still be said a new. But yeah, the perfomance indicator told me that it’s 97% of full charge now. Lol in only 3 months it less the performance of the battery for like 3%. I can say I sometimes playing games, read comics, watch youtube, watch movie using my iphone but I don’t think I did that like in every day though. I will use it like more that 6 hours in weekend and less than 3 hours in weekday. The only thing I could say might be the reason to this decrease performance were I was using this phone while charging and whole night charging. But, please I didn’t even do it often, just couple of time last month. I cant believe the battery just ran out of performance. So bad!

Besides, I feel like the time of charging also decrease in performance. I am not sure even this is possible. I used to charge the phone 1.5hours, but now it needsss moreeeee time. ☹️😟😟😟😟

Love🤍, Sarah [3May2020]

When I am bored (4/x)

Hello! Another when I am in quarantine series but I like to put it in different title. I’ve been reading that most of people are suffering with the quarantine, getting bored very easy and frustrating of being unable to meet people. Let see what I am doing to cope that.

I used to get bored very easy. Not sure when it stopped but I find myself better now and I can say I am quite easy to adapt to a new situation? I think the boredom is kind of a spell that we put on our brain that let our body feel it. Hmm I try to exercise myself on it especially how could I survived with this moment (a month going nowhere/ stay at home), I think it has to do with getting to know yourself better. It includes solving the issue that make you feel bored or boring. Always remember that we are responsible for the thing we feel and think. The spell that I put in my every morning has always been prepared from the day before. Yes, I am that kinda person that note a to do list, or set some priority for the day I will spend. But, maybe it has also something to do with our own character? Not sure about it, haha maybe some research might be done for this by some psychologist, I ain’t psychologist and I am just an observant of life.

When I list down what I am about to do everyday, today for tomorrow, I feel more human, because I feel satisfied when I can accomplish that list. Even for my leisure time. We are working from home for this period, so I have 8 hours a day every Monday to Friday to complete my to do list from my duties as an employee. I do love my job, maybe that is why I never get bored. Saturday to Sunday, I will love to have an off day with my husband with doing nothing serious most of time, unless we plan for it. In my leisure, I like to read manga and comic, romance and drama series. Besides, I am currently have several books to read, I am playing Mobile Legend game, not that expert though. Also, we do chore. I spent 2 hours today to cleaning the house to taking shower. I feel so energize because it just like having an exercise for my body, I sweat a lot. I did online learning this morning with Khan Academy, completed one chapter which I updated earlier. Then, I have two episodes of Korean Drama to watch too after this. LOL, I think I am packed enough for today list. Last week, I completed watching “Morning Wars” season 1 drama in apple tv+, I like the show and waiting for the season 2.

Beyond all that, I have been so conscious to keep being grateful for what I have everyday and do stop complaining. Those made me feel chill and just happy. Be grateful, always! Because we can all get through this. By this time, I believe we could be more appreciate the time when we meet in person. We’ve been busy arrange the meeting but when we met we were not actually there. How could I say so? Because, since we have a euphoria of the gadget we even didn’t care to somebody we talked to and kept playing the gadget. So love, here we are again, have to put more reflection on ourselves to appreciate and live the life where we are at now. Always find the positive in it, and remember do better everyday. Stay positive always. Complaining, will never get you anywhere.

Love🤍, Sarah [19April2020]

When I am in Quarantine (3/x)

So, I started with the Khan Academy yesterday for morning routine or whenever I need. I completed one chapter today which I feel more wonderful. Besides, I read full romance manga today too LOL, I installed Mangatoon apps in my phone and yes I also buy coins. 🤗 happy weekend everyone! We’ll get through this together.

Love, Sarah [19April2020]