September better.

It’s a long long journey to sit here and type something to be posted. I failed to accomplish my goal to even post something once in a month this year. I still got lost after put it down from week to month. But well, here I come back still trying to be consistent.

I know how time flies that fast, not even full 4 months to 2018. Some goals completed some not. I celebrate a year anniversary in my new employer. I can’t believe it. Through all the duties I’d experience, it thought me much more about how to be sincere and humble. Your very enemy is you.

I learn how to speak louder, in way to let people know me the way I am. I learn how to stay focus, to control myself to bahave the way the person I wanna be, to response on something I like and don’t, to articulate my thoughts better, to stay sincere and all. I learn it here in another level to become me. I shall pass this and get into another level which must be more interesting. I feel tired sometimes, it’s exhauseted as hell. But, I let myself to be tired then I stand up tall again. I just want to be true to every feelings I feel, I learn how to accept my own self there. I just don’t let myself to be weary in such  a long period, I don’t let anything or anyone effect me to be the person they know and want me to be. It’s not easy.


May17 Learning Progress

I got new experience to do “proof read”, I never literally doing this before and I found it interesting. I don’t use English very often anymore here, hardly speak or write something in English. I communicate with my mother language and its Bahasa. I don’t regret or disappointed, I am still be able to use or practice English as often if I want. 

My trouble is it’s been such a long long time ago I wrote and praticed Bahasa in a correct way haaha, so I forgot my lesson. I still got many mistakes doing so. When you do a proof read, be sure that the second time you verify the documents or files with the previous documents you marked. I noted this, because my old boss taught me. So I did in my proof read task. 

I sum up the lesson that I should concern:

  1. Avoid repetition of the punctuation, which could give the same meaning.
  2. Be ware of the meaning if data in the table. Ensure that the data represent what it’s meant to be.
  3. Be sure that you compare with your previous marked documents till you do yout last proofing and signed.
  4. Read again the text, you might miss something.

From those points, I considered that I should be careful for all, anything I do! Moreover, focus on the thing that I am doing, when it’s done, I could follow with the other. That proof read shall be done faster. It’s the last step that every team leader project. After the proof read done, the report can be issued which means the project is completed. So, I was feeling the urgency to completed faster. I need to help him to get it done.

My 6th essessment and still feel far from the expectation.

I am writing this standing inside the train to my dorm. I am feeling super excited. 

In the term of learning, I feel a little bit bad on memorizing things. Instead, I keep on writing it. I try to cope my weakness to support me do it. Well, what I left is to sum it up to see my progress. That have been noted in my to do list. 

My concern is to be my true-own-self. Like I don’t know when I don’t, I know when I do know and I am not sure if I am in doubt. I don’t care if I am stupid but I care if I don’t know then I should make me know. Just like the closed door happen, I need to open my own door instead. To keep that up is harder than you ever think. Because words can be crueler than punches. And it does sometimes make me nervous. Anyway, learning is a process, I trust myself that I’ll make it soon or later. 💪🏻🤓

Thursday, 11 May 2017 was my 25th birthday.

It was it again. I passed my 25th birthday, happily and just more excited. Been watching many of my friends reaching their new chapter and facing one or more of their big dreams. I must not exactly know what kinda roads that they’d stepped and walked, but I believe that it’s not as simple and easy as I can imagine. What kinda things that they left out to exchange for things that they’d got. I am just so impressed and proud to see them. Once in while think about my own self and think, what’s mine? What did I do? What had I left? What had I got? What kind roads that I passed and were all those enough? I am certainly not doing it best yet.

So, my recent activities were not far from office life, yoga and cleaning out the room. I hanged out in most of my off days with my man. Planning things for our next chapter and preparing it. I know I’ve been thingking a lot about it for the year or the exactly when. Again, I am bad in prioritizing which one I want and need to complete at first. I let it just go the way it wanna go. Whichever pop, I plan to just do it all. So I have three priorities these days. Let see, if I could stick on them.

I take a small piece of work to keep on track in reaching those dreams. May it could just work better.

So, this is an update about my early 25th year.

A Head Full Of Dreams

I can’t believe that it’s over. I mean the time passed and it’s already a week ago. I just got home from my first experience being one of the crowd in a concert. A worth to watch concern and I am still very excited about it.

Those’re not the only pictures I took. I had many. I also had many videos that I couldn’t stop watching it again and again until now. This is the best video that I could share, hope it decribes much how fantastic the concert was! AHFODtour



Clinique Review



I began using Clinique products for 4 months now. I was starting with the anti-blemish solutions (on the left), dramatically different moisturising gel for oily to very oily skin (third to fourth) and City Block Sheer 25 SPF sunblock. I love the result. Then I bought another products which were the loose powder (02) and liquid facial soap. My face skin type is number 3 and 4 based on the analysis that I had from the first time with the Clinique consultant.

  • Liquid Facial Soap (step 1)

Clinique liquid facial soap gives me a fresher feeling than other brand soap. I have a sensitive skin that easily get red and also pimples but not with this soap. It has an enough foam when you pour with the water and give a different sensation once you apply it to you face.

  • Anti-blemish solutions (step 2)

When I first buy this product, the consultant suggested me that I should use it with only one drop to the facial cutton. It has salicilic acid that will help you prevent the clog pores since it reduce the excess oil and help you remove the dead surface cells. It’ll feel a little itchy if you have any wound in your face, but it’s okay. Overal product result is very good. Very recommended.

  • Dramtically Different Moisturizing Gel (step 3)

I don’t think I have to type any more detail about this one because most of women search and buy this product. It give a very good result to your skin, it controls the production of oil on your face and easily absorbed by my skin. I feel my face more gentle. So yeah, I highly recommend this product for your moist and gentle skin.

  • City Block Sheer 25 SPF

This sunblock will not give better result if you use for outdoor use. So, I’d suggest to take a higher SPF. But overall, it’s a good product. I have an oily skin but the sheer doesn’t look too much in me.

  • Loose Powder (02)

I found that this loose powder cheaper than others since the powder container is quite big. The powder itself helps to reduce the excess oil. It stays longer than I expected. Cover all my face or anywhere I’d like to apply and very easy to apply. If you buy this, it already prepared the brush for you to apply. Anyway, the package is also eye catching. Yes, you have to try yourself then.

A walk to Mount Bromo

I’ve been all ears to friends talking about this mountain view. The sunrise, jeeps, horses, savana and so many on. In my 24 to 25 years of living, there’s not many places that I’ve been to. It’s about three islands and two countries only. Indonesia itself has many islands and beautiful places to see but I am barely experience to five or ten of the famous ones. I was raised in West Sumatra, where you’ll know about Rumah Gadang, or folks about Malin Kundang or food you absolutely know, because it’s very popular all over the world, Rendang.

So, talk about my experience of travel, most of times is a business trip with a pop travel experience that I had. “A walk to Mount Bromo” is one of the pop travel that I could catch.

The decision of my asignment to Malang was not as simple or direct of the sampling that my boss had. He’s been to a complex time (I bet) to decide this after long long thoughts of his and related parties discussion. So yeah, my TL, team leader, prepared for the ticket and hotel to live there. I would also post about my experience of long stay in the hotel I was living, so I would not talk about it here hehe. We were very excited to have this assignment, because the chance is like one in twenty assignment only. It was all known in our groups. Anyway, we got that chance.

I would not talk much about detail of the assignment here. It’s my professional side, there are much information that would not be appropriate to be discussed. Then, this is for my personal side. I got that chance to see Mount Bromo my self and felt the feeling on how travel is like and how to ride a horse and my feelings about it. So here it goes..

So we began the trip at 12:30 AM picked up by the tour we booked.

It’s Friday, 3 March 2017 when we had our lunch and thinking about carry out our plan to go to Mount Bromo. Sarah my TL, whose had the same name with me, tried to find a good tour deal on internet. She surfed all the tours website to Mount Bromo and ended us up to 1001 Malam. She booked the sit for me online and I made sure that it had us such a tonight trip and the requirement. Yeah, it’s super shocking decision because we found it cheapest deal. Before me made our payment, I contacted the contact line service and it had what we required. The tour picked us up at the hotel we lived with the Red Jeep. The driver had already picked another visitors (four new friends) when to Mount Bromo that night.


Waiting for sunrise. 

That picture was took when we’re waiting for sunrise, our first destination and first scenery. It’s quite a fail I could say since finaly after a long waiting in a cold weather we saw fog covered all the beautiful scenery seen from people’s picture when there before us. We’re so unlucky. We had another destination and couldn’t wait any longer so we went back to the jeep waiting for us. But look!


A little light of the sun.

Uh uh we got it. Even though not so bright, it’s still looked beautiful, isn’t it? This just a liitle way of ride after a little dissappointment that time. We took a picture here but not that so good. I got you my fave picture from the trip with all the visitors at the end of my writing. So keep strolling and reading!! haha.


2nd destination – Crater of Mount Bromo

I had my experience riding a horse here. I was feeling very nervous. It’s just not like I was liking the hourse like I am seeing handsome man or charismatic one but because I was feeling like I was going to fall hundreads time and laughed by the people around. The guide  told me to be relax and just follow the horse way to walk so I would not fall down. But it’s not as simple as that. I needed to catch my breathe and reminded myself that it’s fun and everything’s okay. I kept talking to myself at once and I couldn’t remind calm at all. I  was afraid and I wanted to just walk away. I stayed riding that horse in the flat land and I climbed the mountain instead after that. It was exhausted.

During my walk with the horse, I had something in mind that I could take as a lesson learn and I could implement in my future life. I was thinking that why I am so worried. The horse was good and it’s just walking very careful. But I was not good nor cool and even worried. The things were I could follow that horse well when I relaxed, when I kept having a long breathing and just trusted the horse. My lesson is that giving a little or more trust is not painful, it’s a relieving. It helps me to control that panic. Having a long breathing is also very helpful to make me cope my panic and remain calm and relax. I started my other walk with the horse again after it and took a photo with it. Unfortunately, it didn’t look that good but I did having an update in my instagram in video while I was riding that horse. Meant that, I was accomplished my mission to be relax and control my panic to ride a horse.


View while climbing to the top of the mountain


Another halfway view


View from near top of the mountain with about 250 stairs to it.

I didn’t stay long at the top. The wind got harder and bringing the smell of sulfur that made our head and eyes quite sick.Sarah and I stayed here not longer than 5 to 10 minutes. We took a rest on half way of stairs. It has about 250 stairs and yes it really made me tired lol.


3rd destination – Pasir Berbisik


4th destination – Bukit Teletubies

Now I am near to the ending of this walk story. Before I jump to introduce  my new friends, I got to have a small review for the tour I got for this trip.

Tour Review:

  1. Communication went good with the tour contact line service and the driver. During our walk to all destination, the driver gave us good service and talk. The driver told us that we (all visitors) were not booked from the same tour. The driver was giving me known that some were from Nahwatour. I got a thank you chat from nahwatour. They concerned about they service to customer and asked we as customer to tell them what shold be imporved. So, if you look for a tour to Mount Bromo, just click the link! They’ll give you best.
  2. Driving service and the option of way of walk were best. Which meant that the driver drove the car carefully and made us feel very confortable.
  3. Pick-up time and coordination between office and the field executor (the driver) was also good. Sarah and I was picked up at our hotel, so we had to wait other visitors who might pick-up nearer than us.
  4. Itinerary of our walk is also best. 1001 Malam gave me a good and understandable itinarary and a good service in serving me and answering my many questions haha. So yeah, click the link for booking!

I mention two tours there because I think I experienced both all at one and was feeling satisfied and fair for the service. With only IDR 340k plus 110k for horse riding. I spent about 12 hours of worth spending time and money for such pop travel.


Jeep Malang

I came to end of my walk story. So that’s the picture took with Teddy’s Camera. My pictures were all taken with iphone 5s. From the left: Sarah, me, Ramdhan, Yusuf, Rendy and Teddy.